Cuckoo Awards 2017

Join us at the Cuckoo Awards ceremony the 11th of May in Carré and see who receives the acknowledgement he deserves!

Cuckoo Awards - What is it?

The Cuckoo Awards honor excellence in creativity, strategy, response/results and content in marketing campaigns. 

The Cuckoo Awards - the Belgium's top advertising and marketing competition - dedicated to direct marketing and content marketing campaigns!

The Cuckoo Awards are given to campaigns that have the power to change business. Each winner has the perfect combination of visionary strategy, extraordinary content, compelling creativity and breakthrough results.

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DM Cuckoo Awards

Effectiveness Cuckoo Award
  1. Most effective traffic building/awareness (Award for the campaign that has the most focus on awareness and traffic building to the websites, social media,.. The awareness and traffic building will be judged in comparison with the objectives.)
  2. Most effective nurturing/ customer expierience (Award for the campaign with the highest results on customer experience, customer satisfaction, information sharing,.. The results will be compared to the main objectives of the campaign.)
  3. Most effective direct sales (Award for the campaign with the highest ROI. How much was the return of your investment in the campaign.)
Creativity Cuckoo Award
  1. Best creative design (This category will award the campaign with the most creative design. What makes your campaign more creative than the others?)
  2. Best innovative ideas (How is your campaign innovative? Did you use an innovative technology, an innovative approach,.. This award will be for the campaign that has the most innovative but also most creative campaign.)
  3. Best targeting (Award for the most creative approach to target your audience.)

Content Cuckoo Awards

  1. Best content program / strategy (long term) (Through a consistent long term use of content marketing, your organization reached their goal. Tell us your objectives, strategy, the kind of content you created, channels and the results you have achieved.)
  2. Best content campaign (short term) (Your organization solved a specific (short term) problem with a content marketing campaign. Tell us your objectives, strategy, the kind of content you created, channels and the results you have achieved.)
  3. Best quality content (any form) (Thé 2017 content prediction is less and more qualitative content. In this section we want to award content that stands out, because of its originality, creativity and/or production value. This can be a video, a long read, an infographic, a spread in a magazine, a Facebook series or any other form. Tell us what is so great about this particular content piece.)
  4. Best native advertising approach (on- & offline) (Brands are experimenting with branded content in existing publications or platforms. Tell us your objectives, how you translated them to your choice of medium and the content you produced and the results you achieved.)
  5. Best content approach Social Media (With social media you can stand out in owned, paid ánd earned media. Tell us how you used social media as part of your content marketing approach or as a stand-alone content marketing medium. What were the objectives and how did you reach them.)
  6. Best video (Google rewards video, we award the best videos, be it as a one-off or video series, in animation or with images. Tell us why you used video, your story and how you told it, how you distributed the video and to what effect.)
  7. Best content platform (Brands are transforming their corporate websites to content sites, or set up separate sites build around certain topics. Tell us the idea of your content platform and how the content is organized to meet the objectives of the site.)
  8. Best content design (print or digital) (This is the category where your art director or designer can shine. Send us the work you are particularly proud of in terms of design: a website, a picture, a magazine spread, a cover, … The work you open your presentations with.)