Programma: Data & Legal Inspirational Journey!

Op 21 juni vindt de Data & Legal Inspirational Journey plaats. Wat staat er op het programma?

Voormiddag: Data-Driven transformation

9.30 - 9.45: BDMA Welcome & What can we learn from an international survey on data driven marketing ?

Results from the second annual Global Review of Data-Driven marketing and advertising. The study conducted by GDMA (an alliance of 27 independent marketing associations around the world) and U.S. research and consulting firm Winterberry Group indicates that 74.1% of marketers remain confident in the value of data-driven marketing and advertising (“DDMA”) and its potential for future growth. In addition to this survey the audience will get a short wrap-up on the actual status of the ‘Do-not-call-me’-list.

Speaker: Burt Riské - Roularta Business Information

9.50 - 10.20: The Data Economy

The wide adoption of digital media, the irrevocable use of mobile devices and social media has boosted the creation of data. Every mobile, web, and IoT project offers the opportunity for a business to collect more and more data about their users, their preferences, their location. Although business have never owned so much valuable data about their business, their customers, their business processes, it has never been harder to act upon it. Trough my presentation, the audience will
• receive an overview of future internet applications relevant to marketing & advertising
• touch upon the opportunities offered by open data
• learn some numbers about AdTech & MarketingTech startups
• be confronted with some questions about the Ethical, Aesthetic & Responsible use of data

Speaker: Ingrid Willems - We connect data
10.25 - 10.55: Data Quality & Master Data Management: How important are they for financial managers?
In February 2016, CFO magazine conducted a survey about Data Quality and Master Data Management in collaboration with QuaData. The results of this survey are telling a lot about how financial managers look at data and the importance of data for their companies. They also show that there is still a lot of haziness around the subject. We show you the results of the survey and give some comments about how you can use this information to make the financial management your ally in becoming a more data-driven company.

Speakers: Sophie Angenot & Nick Célis - Quadata

10.55 - 11.05: Coffee Break

11.10 - 11.35: Data: A front row seat from the evolution from operational to transformational

The past 5 years have seen a significant evolution in how companies work with and look at data. We went from being the nerds in a dusty corner to the sexiest job of the 21st century. Using some cases, I will show how companies evolved over these past years and give a brief look on what I expect for the future!
During this presentation, you will get an insight into how Belgian companies have evolved from being data dummies to being data savvy. You will understand how data mature you are and where you can go from there.
Speaker: David Van Gils - Bisnode

11.40 - 12.10: To Be Confirmed

12.15 - 12.45: From Data to Insights to Impact
In this “era of the customer” the company that understands its data best, will come out on top. However, this requires a true transformation, away from our current traditional sales & marketing approach. In-depth data analytics and customer behavior modeling will drive disruptive sales & marketing strategies.
This keynote will discuss this transformation process and will show the crucial differentiators on which companies will need to develop answers and build competences.
During this keynote we will tackle:
· Customer Experience versus Customer Profitability
· Understanding your data to create a sustainable competitive advantage
· How to impact customer lifetime value in real-time
· The transformation of the Marketing-mindset
· Creating a value-based management transformation across the organizational silos

Speaker: Sven Arnauts - Delaware Digital

12.45 - 13.45: Lunch

13.45 - 14.00: Update DNCM

Namiddag: Privacy & Legal

14.00 - 14.30: New concepts and principles of the Regulation: an introduction to the new building blocks of data protection (NL)

The General Data Protection Regulation contains many familiar terms and rules, but also a few that are largely or entirely new. What is a data protection officer, and who should have one? When is a privacy impact assessment required? How will data breach notification obligations impact you? And what exactly do privacy-by-design and privacy-by-default mean for businesses in practice?

Speaker: Hans Graux - Time.lex

14.35 - 15.05: How to respect the rights of the data subject and turn it into a great asset in your relationship with the consumer? (FR)
Speaker: Dominique Pissoort - BDMA

15.10 - 15.40: Automated decision taking and profiling (NL)
“During this session, we shall explore the possibility of processing personal data for profiling purposes. What are the limits on the use of personal data under present and future law? To what extent may individuals be subject to automated decisions?”
Speaker: Andries Hofkens - Sirius Legal
15.40 - 15.50: Coffee Break

15.55 - 16.25: Obligations and possible liabilites of the various parties involved in the processing of personal data (so-called 'controllers' vs. 'processors') and how to deal with this in practice (NL)

Companies increasingly work with personal data of individuals, and they do so themselves, together with other parties as well as via subcontractors. Parties controlling this personal data, as well as parties processing data on their behalf, have specific obligations under the new Regulation. In addition, the Regulation provides for rules on the possible liability of these parties. We will discuss how the parties involved should deal with their obligations and with the liability issue in practice.
Speaker: Frederik Van Remoortel - Crowell & Moring

16.30 - 17.00: Transfer of personal data to non-EU countries: myths and risks, current and future legal framework (NL)
  • Current and future (GDPR) legal framework on data transfers.
  • Invalidation of the Safe Harbor EC adequacy decision.
  • Status of EU-US Privacy Shield.
Speaker: Gerrit Vandendriessche - Altius

17.00 - 18.00: Reception

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